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KSA Clients

If you would like to become a KSA client, please send your CV or resume, along with links to match play video, to

Kyle Greig
Kyle Greig, Forward
Vancouver Whitecaps
Hugh Roberts
Hugh Roberts, Defender
Free Agent
Austin Martz
Austin Martz, Forward / Defender
Free Agent
Jose Barril
Jose Barril, Midfielder
Oklahoma City Energy FC
Manolo Sanchez
Manolo Sanchez, Forward
Free Agent
Yann Ekra
Yann Ekra, Midfielder
Free Agent
Jamie Thomas
Jamie Thomas, Defender
Free Agent
Coady Andrews
Coady Andrews, Defender
Oklahoma City Energy FC 
Casey Beyers
Casey Beyers, Goalkeeper
Orange County SC
Henry Kalungi
Henry Kalungi, Defender
Charlotte Independence
Mike Garzi
Mike Garzi, Midfielder
Rochester Rhinos
Jannik Eckenrode
Jannik Eckenrode, Midfielder
Free Agent
Lewis Hilton
Lewis Hilton, Midfielder
Free Agent
 Suli Dainkeh
Suli Dainkeh, Defender
Free Agent

Robby Sagel
Robby Sagel, Defender
Rio Grande Valley Toros
 Jacques Francois
Jacques Francois, Forwad / Midfielder
Free Agent
Felipe Nunez
Felipe Nunez, Forward / Midfielder
Free Agent
Marquez Fernandez
Marquez Fernandez, Forward
Free Agent
Moses Makinde
Moses Makinde, Defender
Free Agent
Jared Odencbeck
Jared Odenbeck, Midfielder
Lindome GIF
Kyle O'Brien
Kyle O'Brien, Midfielder
Free Agent
Will Mileski
Will Mileski, Forward / Midfielder
Free Agent
Matt Salerno
Matt Salerno, Forward
Landsdowne Bhoys, Free Agent
Austin Rogers
Austin Rogers, Goalkeeper
Free Agent
Jonathon Otting
Jonathon Otting, Defender
Free Agent
Alex Masbruch
Alex Masbruch, Defender / Midfielder
Free Agent
Rod Underwood
Rod Underwood, Coach
Montego Bay United, Free Agent


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